WCHM Student Trip to India

In January 2014, the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine hosted a trip to the Prana Homeopathy Yoga Center in Pune India for intensive training under the direction of Dr. Sunil Anand. In addition to intensive clinic experience with a wide variety of pathologies, students will have the opportunity to take yoga classes morning and evening and to visit the Ajanta Ellora Caves, one of India’s great wonders

Here are a few words about the trip:

Traveling to India for a residency at the Prana Center in Pune was an experience that has deepened our understanding and passion for homeopathy. Under the guidance of Director, Dr. Sunil Anand, his team of dedicated doctors provided us with instructive presentations and inspiring cases. We were pleased to have met these doctors and their support staff and Mr. Bhand, representative from Bhajaj Auto, corporate benefactor of the Prana Center. Conversations deepened our understanding of cultural factors and the reality of living and practicing as a homeopath in India.

Our excursion to Ellora and Ajanta to visit the ancient caves enriched our experience as we traveled through rural India and witnessed the majesty and wonder of these monolith creations in stone dedicated to worship in several spiritual traditions spanning 14 centuries. Fisherwomen danced for us, college students sang their national anthem, and we posed for countless photos with folks who were intrigued by our foreignness. We bargained with hawkers, knelt in temples, ate the most marvellous South Indian food, and chanted in caves.

Yoga became a second focal point of the trip under the guidance of Amit Pawar at the Prana Center. Trained at the Iyengar Institute in Pune since boyhood, Amit’s skill as a teacher and caring for the student’s progress set us all on a deeper journey with yoga practice. He arranged for us to meet 95-year-old B.K.S. Iyengar at the Institute one morning, a rare, profoundly treasured honour.

Director, Linda Miller gave a presentation on the proving and trituration of Buffalo Milk, a new remedy brought to the homeopathic world by WCHM. Dressed in a sari, thanks to help from the women, Ms. Miller addressed a large group of homeopaths.

Themes of respect for the feminine, the circle of matriarchy with emphasis on care for community and the mantra “no one gets left behind” inspired the audience to tears. The Prana Center has invited Ms. Miller to return to India in two years to participate in an “empowering women” seminar: