Read what our students have to say about their experiences at WCHM…

  • When my once happy and thriving 3-month-old suddenly changed, I knew something was wrong. Her temperament and personality had changed; she started developing eczema and asthma, and completely stopped growing. I took her to the doctor multiple times a week to insist that something was wrong, appointment after appointment I was told I was overreacting and that my daughter was fine.At 6 months old, the doctor finally agreed with me, but only in terms of the lack of growth and weight gain. What followed was a referral to a pediatrician, multiple blood tests, sweat tests for Cystic Fibrosis, a barium enema, a bowel biopsy, hospital stays, weekly weigh-ins, appointments with dieticians, an allergist, a GI specialist, a dermatologist, and the Asthma Clinic. My daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, asthma, and was still suffering with terrible eczema. All other tests were coming back normal and the allergies, asthma, and eczema were brushed off as expected because of family history.Yet at 12 months old, nothing had changed. My daughter was a shell of the child she once was, she cried all the time, rarely smiled, nothing interested her; she was missing important developmental milestones, and was still wearing 3-month clothes.As a mom, I was already blaming myself for not pushing harder at 3-months, but I was determined to find out what was wrong and took on the mantra of, this will not be my daughter’s life.

    I started to seek out alternative options and was led to Linda Miller at Xerion Homoeopathie. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Linda. From our very first appointment only 6 weeks ago, she listened, actually listened to me and let me know that I wasn’t overreacting or reading into things. For the first time, I was heard and there was someone in a position to help who actually cared.

    It was quickly determined that my daughter was having a reaction to her 2, 4 and 6 month vaccinations. As a parent who had always supported modern vaccinations and had a 3-year-old with no ill-effects, I knew I had to do some research. I was given access to webinars, I talked to friends and family who chose not to vaccinate their children, and others who opted for a delayed immunization schedule. I also got on the internet and went to the library to gather as much information as I could. It became clear to me that Linda’s assessment was correct. It made sense, it just fit.

    My daughter began homeopathic treatment under Linda’s care and within the first week I saw a change. 6 weeks later, my daughter is thriving, she’s put on substantial weight, growing, not only is she finally crawling, but she’s pulling herself to standing and testing her balance with one-hand. She smiles and laughs, being sure to get everyone around her laughing. She’s repeating words and can tell us where her head and nose are.

    I know that we still have a ways to go, but for the first time in 9 months I can confidently say, she is getting better. She is stronger and healthier than ever and I know that it will only continue. I am often overcome by emotion when I look at my little girl, I feel as though I was losing her and now she’s back. I cannot say it enough or convey it big enough, thank you Linda.
    – Tammy Ironside

  • As a student of homeopathy, it has been a pleasure learning with such a brilliant homeopath. Linda Miller not only possesses a strong knowledge of materia medica, but also has a very vast clinical experience in which she shares with her students. She displays how it is achievable to have a vigorous, effective and satisfying practice. I have studied with Linda for over four years now, and there has never been a boring moment. Combing her knowledge of homeopathy with her history in the arts, she is able to bring such an enthusiastic capturing view to ageless medicine. Truthfully, I could go on and on. This has seemed like a partnership of learning. A journey of true immersion.

  • Linda Miller has been our family homeopathy for over 8 years now. I was introduced to homeopathy in childbirth, but when I really sought out help was when my son had illness after vaccination. As a registered nurse, with a strong solid knowledge base of conventional medicine, I vaccinated my first son. After he fell ill, I had little help from our paediatricians. The conventional team, had no answers for why my son was slowly becoming more ill. Linda treated our son homeopathically and now you would not even know he ever had a problem. She has always been there for us, at the wee hours of the night, when we are up in the emergency room with a broken bone, or in the middle of the births of our other children. I would say homeopathy saved our lives, well my sons at least. But, the expertise involved in selective such a precise remedy for my son, would not have been there without Linda. Now I am a student of Linda’s, and have left a 10 year profession of nursing to pursue homeopathy. I highly recommend Linda as a homeopath. She has gone on to treat the rest of our family. Now she is our go to for most health care concerns.
    – K. Kiemeny

  • This college gives the perfect mix of homeopathic theory and clinical experience. Coupled with what I believe to be some of the most knowledgable [homeopathic and science] teachers around, I have no doubt that we will be sent out into practice as fully functioning and successful homeopaths.
    – Jill

  • The clinical component of this program is outstanding. You will graduate with a good understanding of case management.
    – T. Felber