Dr. Roland Gunther, Instructor

Dr. Roland Günther, MD (Germany)

Roland200x220Roland Günther studied conventional medicine in Germany at the University of Heidelberg. Thereafter he worked as a surgeon for five years and for twenty years as a successful family physician in his own clinic in Walldorf, Germany.

Dr. Günther’s interest in homeopathy started while he was still in high school; however it was not until after graduation from University that he started serious homeopathic training under the mentorship of the late Dr. Martin Stuebler, the oldest practicing homeopath in Germany. After training under Dr. Stuebler for four years, he was given the title “Doctor of Homeopathy”. Four years later, he was given the authorization to teach homeopathy by the Regional College of Physicians. He was the first one in his province to introduce a complete three-year training course in homeopathy, which became mandatory in Germany a few years later.

For the last eight years he has been a pioneer in homeopathic research and contributed to the introduction of several new homeopathic remedies. He is also one of the promoting forces in the development of Gnostic C4 Homeopathy. C4 Homeopathy is an essentially experience-based spiritual path of knowledge, offering new ways of healing. He has led C4 workshops in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and, of late, in Canada also.

In 2005 he immigrated to Canada and is now introducing C4 Homeopathy to a whole new audience. He offers C4 workshops as a spiritual path open to all people interested in developing a deeper connection to life and to creation. This path consists of mainly practical preparations of homeopathic remedies that provide the participant with authentic insight and revelation. The emphasis in his healing work with individual patients lies in finding the hidden message behind disease. The goal is to turn suffering into growth thus helping patients find a new higher level of health and wellness. This process is supported with handmade remedies.

As an adopted member of native families he is deeply involved in Native American spirituality. He is part of a Sundance community and has been given the traditional rights to run sweat lodge ceremonies.

His efforts in his medicinal preparations, his teachings, and his individual treatments are all fueled by his deep love, appreciation, and dedication to life and the beauty and wisdom in nature.