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Welcome to Western Canada’s new alternative medicine college!

About WCHM

The Western College of Homeopathic Medicine is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is dedicated to instruction in Classical Homeopathy with parallel instruction in Medical Sciences as it relates to a professional practice in alternative medicine. Along with academically rigorous clinical research and plentiful Student Clinic opportunities, this school is promoting the profession while training individuals to become skilled, working Homeopaths. WCHM has grown from a community of homeopathy enthusiasts led and inspired by homeopath, Linda Miller. As her practice at Xerion Homoeopathie grew, so did interest in her seminars and classes on vaccination, homeoprophylaxis, simple childhood ailments, pregnancy, childbirth, travel, accidents and injuries, influenza, and so on.

Mortar1Three-hour evening seminars were followed by a 40-hour class and a pilot student clinic project. Once a dedicated group of students stepped over the threshold of the live clinic where they observed and analyzed cases, they wanted to become homeopaths! With the science and medical background of Dr. Tevna Tayler, and a determination to develop standards in the profession that would prepare for the eventual regulation of homeopathy in Alberta, a new four-year professional training program was born.

Few homeopathic colleges in the world boast the volume of cases seen in the college’s live clinical practicum setting. In addition to comprehensive study of anatomy, physiology, pathology and disease, students study physical examination, diagnosis and allopathic treatment of disease. Although this training goes beyond the scope of practice of a homeopath, graduates of WCHM will be confident in conversing and collaborating with conventional physicians in Alberta’s rapidly changing health care scene. Based firmly in classical homeopathy as established by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, inclusive of modern developments in materia medica, C4 trituration experience, repertory and case-taking techniques, graduates of this programme are well-prepared for a practice that can rise to the challenge of complex chronic illness. The four-year programme also includes an optional trip to The Prana Center in Pune, India for intensive training in homeopathic cases as well as therapeutic Iyengar-style yoga. Students are sure to develop the outstanding skills and sensibilities of a thoughtful practitioner of this healing art.

About WCHM Educational Director, Linda Miller

Linda Miller is a highly sought after homeopath working in the Calgary area since 2002. Alongside her practice, she has lectured to hundreds of interested laypeople and professionals alike on the safe use of remedies at home or adjunct to other health professions. A dynamic speaker, she has been seen and heard on local television and radio giving her views on holistic health alternatives. As founder of the college, she has insisted on high standards of education that foster the development of the student into a skilled, perceptive healer.

Linda Miller is certified with the Council for Homeopathic Certification, a member of the North America Society of Homeopaths and the Canadian Society of Homeopaths. Her writing of the proving of a new remedy, Niobium, was published in the fall 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Homeopath. Ms. Miller is a featured guest lecturer at the Prana Center in Pune, India. A mother of two daughters, Linda brings to her work rich experience in the arts, natural birth, parenting and healthy lifestyle choices along the road less traveled.

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a comprehensive, holistic system of medicine established in the early 1800’s by German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Based on the Law of Similars, a concept put forth by philosophers predating him, Hahnemann sought a principle-based method of curing people safely, gently and effectively.

During his lifetime he discovered and developed a system of medicine unlike any other before or since, documenting his findings in six editions of the Organon, the primary textbook of Homeopathy. From the Greek “homoios” meaning similar and “patheia” meaning suffering, Homeopathy continues to be founded on this and other principles in discernment and treatment of acute and chronic disease.

Homeopathy has been a vital component of mainstream medicine in England, Europe, India and South America since its inception and is now one of the fastest-growing disciplines in alternative medicine in North America. It is a holistic view of health and disease, taking into account states of the body, mind and emotions, the mechanism of which is non-toxic medicines that stimulate the body’s innate capacity to heal itself. Homeopathy offers a way of understanding health and disease that is harmonious with the laws of nature, effecting change in the vital force of the individual with homeopathically potentized substances.